My Tiki Friend (part 3)

Ben cries out, "Help! Help!"
Tiki rows over to him using his arms, floating on an inner tube.

"Tiki! Boy, am I glad to see you!" says Ben.
Tiki pulls him up from the water.
Ben doesn't notice that the water doesn't agree with Tiki.

Ben rides in the inner tube with Tiki.
Closer to the shore, Tiki stops rowing with his arms.
When Ben turns around to look, Tiki looks like he's fallen asleep.

The waves carry them to the beach, where Tiki lays on the wet sand.
"Why won't you turn on? What's wrong with you, Tiki?"

Ben can't stop crying. "He's dead because he had to save me," he says.
"I should have known water isn't good for him."

The old surfers tell Ben, "It's best to take him home."
They help him carry Tiki on another palm leaf sleigh.

When Ben sees Grandma, he can't even say anything.
Grandma just hugs him. She understands.

Grandma takes Ben into the garage. "It's time I tell you about your friend Tiki."
She shines a flashlight on the photos hanging on the garage wall.

"That's me and your Grandpa, Ben," says Grandma.
"Grandpa and I built Tiki together."

There's even a picture of Ben's dad as a baby,
right there next to Tiki.
"Wow," says Ben. "Tiki is older than I thought!"

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