My Tiki Friend (part 4)

One day when they were older, Grandpa became very sick.
He had to stay in a hospital for a long, long time.

But Grandpa didn't get better.
Grandpa passed away.

"Tiki reminded me too much of Grandpa," Grandma tells Ben.
"The more I see him, the more I would miss Grandpa."

"I left Tiki in the jungle, so I wouldn't be sad anymore.
I'm sorry, Ben. It's not fair to Tiki.
But I'm glad you found him."


"Now let's take a look at Tiki," says Grandma.
"Well. I think I know how we can make him better."
Ben can hardly believe his ears!

"I think this old car can give a little bit of his power to fix Tiki," says Grandma.
"Do you want to give it a try?"
Ben is very excited.

Ben and Grandma work together to make Tiki alive again.
"Just like your Grandpa and I used to," says Grandma.
"You're a lot like him, Ben."

"Let's take the car out for a spin. I think we all could use some fresh air."
Ben and Tiki hop into the car. Grandma drives them all over the island.

At the end of the day, they watch the sunset together.
Ben wishes he could stay on the island forever.

Mom and Dad came back to take Ben home on a boat.
As the boat pulls away, Grandma and Tiki wave goodbye from the pier.
Ben waves back. "See you next summer, Grandma!"