My Tiki Friend (part 2)

Grandma has a garage full of tools. But it's always dark and covered up.
"I'll just take a couple of things to fix my robot," says Ben.
"She'll never miss it!"

Ben's always liked to fix things. 
He doesn't know that Grandma is watching him.
Ben reminds her of someone... Someone she misses very much.

Ben is very excited. He made the robot turn on!
"Look, Grandma!  He's scanning us!"

Ben's new friend can even help Grandma wash dishes!
But she isn't happy when he does. 
Ben wonders why this is...

But not for long. There's too many fun things to do on the island.

Well, sometimes it's a little dangerous out there.

"This island isn't too bad after all. This waterfall is the best!"
Tiki doesn't say anything. 

One day Ben decides to surf. 
Great gray clouds are rolling in and the weather doesn't look too good.
Tiki tries to stop him, but Ben doesn't listen.

Ben is having a lot of fun surfing the roller coaster waves.
Tiki isn't having much fun watching Ben.

The waves get bigger and bigger, and finally...
A huge wave flips Ben in the air.
If Tiki could talk, he would have cried, "Oh, no!"

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