My Tiki Friend (part 1)

Ben and his parents are traveling to a small Pacific island. 
It's where his mom and dad were born.
Ben is not too happy about this. He doesn't like far away corners of the world.

Ben's grandmother greeted them at the pier. His parents rush to give Grandma a hug.
Ben stays back, feeling shy. He's never met her before.

Ben's parents have to leave on a work trip, so they leave him with Grandma.
Ben waves goodbye, but he wishes they weren't leaving him.

Grandma takes Ben to meet all of her friends. 
Everyone on this island are a lot like Grandma...
They all have wrinkles and gray hair.

They go to the beach and meet three gray, wrinkly surfers.
The surfers are happy to see him. "Come surf with us, Ben!" 
But Ben barely notices.

Ben is busy exploring the island
to look for a signal on his cell phone. 
"I need to call Mom and Dad. I really need to get out of here..."


Ben falls into a deep ravine in the jungle.
Luckily he isn't hurt. 
And what is that mysterious figure leaning against the tree trunk?

"It's a ROBOT!" cries Ben. 
He forgets about not wanting to be on the island.

He ties up the tiki robot on to a sleigh made of palm leaves.
It takes a while, but he finally makes it home.
Grandma is very, very surprised.